Sunday, July 02, 2006

In the absence of light...

we become one with the dark.

In the absence of light
our dreams
take shape.

Our thoughts morph into things that
ultimately, inevitably bind
us to what we are

or will be.

In a pitch-black world
our lives begin to take on
a comfortable, almost dreamy,
a soothing peace,
a moving calm

brought on by the juvenile freedom
that only lightless disfocus
can bring.

The darkness is an imperative
that veils the foreordained drudgery
of worn-out days.

The darkness is an aphrodisiac
that heightens the puerile lust
of arrid nights.

In lightlessness,
we begin to hope,
to wish,
to pray.

In the absence of light,

we begin to live.

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