Sunday, August 20, 2006

In the absence of... humor

Some people have been telling me that they find this blog a tad too serious. I really couldn't figure out why at first, then I realized that, well, maybe it's because people are used to blogs that contain light banter and the occasional rant and rave.

Or maybe it's because I don't put smileys on my posts, like :) and :P.

Or maybe it's because I don't insert the oftentimes irreverent "Hehehe."

Or maybe it's because I don't include jokes every now and then.


I'm just thinking too much.

Anyway, for those who think that this blog is too serious, here's something for you.

Question: GMA, Erap, Cory, Ramos, and all the senators and congressmen take a boat ride, the boat capsizes, who gets saved?

Answer: The Philippines.

Hehehe... :)

(It has actually been a shitty day and I really needed some form of release. Writing this post felt good.)


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! :)

bowiemercury said...

good start
smileys and hehehes wont hurt :P

nice av by the way

Anonymous said...

- you know who i am

Anonymous said...

i think it's better if you'll just be yourself!:D

Light said...

I think so, too. Thanks. Anyway, I do hope that those who leave comments will also leave their names.

secret said...

no more new entries? :)

mynemosee said...

You have quite a sense of humor. Very amusing, indeed. ü
You are no clown, I am sure but being yourself would do you well. Good Day! ü